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04. September 2013

A few weddings from the summer#

04. September 2013

Another fun trial#

07. June 2013
Had a blast meeting Eve, and and I was so excited to do this beautiful Beyonce inspired upstyle!

New Feature#

05. June 2013
Our spring inspiration shoot was featured, have a look!

Falling for Waterfalls#

20. May 2013
Had an awesome trial in Jersey City today! I love any chance I get to play with some braids, and this waterfall style is a great way for a bride to wear her hair down, but still have something special for her big day. Not to mention, a veil goes beautifully with it, and after the ceremony it would look lovely with a few small flowers weaved in,

Check it out!#

07. May 2013

Bahama Bridesmaids looking lovely#

06. May 2013
Had so much fun this past weekend getting some beautiful girls ready for Paige Johnson's wedding in the Bahamas!

Hot tip of the day#

29. March 2013
So I have a genius tip to share that changed my bobby pin life. Bobby pins love to have their own slip n slide party in your hair, and this can be extremely frustrating. Can't we have soft straight hair, and not be punished for it by this 2 inch metal pin that refuses to do its job? Is asking for a secure hold too much?

Solution- Grab a paper towel, hairspray, and your favorite bobby pins.

1.) Place bobby pins on paper towel.
2.) Spray bobby pins liberally with a firm hold hairspray.
3.) Shake bobby pins up in paper towel to ensure they get well coated.
4.) Now use and say bye to your pin problems. :)

Flowers are the new Veil#

28. March 2013
I am absolutely in LOVE with this look! I have never been a huge fan of veils to begin with, they can be dated in some ways, and tend to be extremely expensive. For the budget conscious, or for the elegant romantic, I am finding that fresh flowers in the hair seem to make a bride glow. Something about it gives off a natural beauty that enhances her style instead of being the style. We are seeing it more and more in magazines, and I am pretty sure it might take over where braids leave off (or we could do both, and it would be everything I love in one)

Here are some pictures that I am inspired by right now with this trend-

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Tuesday Tutorial!#

26. March 2013
Heatless curl solution! Perfect for spring and summer!

Gym vs. Hair#

19. March 2013
I don't know about everyone else, but for me matching up the days I wash my hair with gym days can be tough. Mostly because with my changing schedule, I don't exactly have a pattern set in stone. Too often, I opt to not go to the gym simply because I don't want the project of handling my hair afterwards. Well with bikini season quickly approaching, I am not allowing myself this excuse anymore! I finally found a solution that works well for me, the good ole 90's classic french braid. Seems simple, but it is an absolute hair saver. I found that the same thing that used to ruin the look of my hair can also be a tool to saving the look of my hair. Generally, the reason I feel the need to shampoo my hair after a visit to the gym is because the heat and humidity that was happening to my head during my workout caused an irreversible ponytail bump. I know every girl knows what I'm talking about there. Well if we braid in this way, (maybe less cute, but certainly functional) then the heat and humidity are going to set it into soft and natural looking waves. Tried it today and I am a fan, I was able to go from gym to shower to errands without redoing my hair. I simply took the braid out and finished with a light hold hairspray.

Here was my before and after-

Iron Temperatures and Sizes#

14. March 2013
So as we learned from this recent debacle --

Iron Temperature, Timing, and Size are extremely important!

Here are some simple rules to follow for safe curling and the results you want:

~Always buy tools that allow you to adjust the temperature yourself.
~ Finer hair requires less heat, keep it between 200-300
~ Courser hair such as mine can generally withstand/need a little more 250-400
~ No matter what the temperature, you shouldn't need more then 10 seconds from the time you finished getting the hair on the rod
~For added hold clip the curls to set them as they cool, do not leave iron in longer.
~Be sure to always use a thermal protectant.
~ The size of the iron affects the size of the curl differently for different hair textures; A 1in on course thick hair will take tighter, then on fine thin hair due to the fact that fine hair tends to fall more. If you have finer hair you are better to go a little smaller then your actual desired curl size.
~ How you use the iron changes the curls as well, you can either wrap on the outside, which is popular right now or you can do the click and feed method with the clamp. DO NOT start at the ends and roll up. I will probably make a tutorial on the professional click and feed method to further explain what that means.
~Everyones hair is different and irons can all be drastically different so you may have to experiment to find what irons, timing, and temp works best for you, but just be cautious as you play!

Tuesday Tutorial!#

12. March 2013
Extremely Easy 5 minute Upstyle that you can use for a formal event, or make it casual for a day out!


08. March 2013
So today I had the privilege of working with an AMAZING team to do an editorial photoshoot for submission. It was so much fun, and it is always inspiring to work with such talented professionals. I am so excited to see the pictures, and there is also a video coming soon, but for today here are a few shots I just took with my cell phone while it was all happening! I can't wait to share more when it comes!

Growing your hair out#

07. March 2013
We have all had that moment where we think maybe we could go all Emma Watson, feel liberated, try something new. For about 20% of woman it works out great, it was perfect for their face, and they really didn't use long hair as a security blanket. For the other 80% it is a nightmare 3 weeks later when the shiny and new feeling wears off, which leaves us in a panic mode of 'now what?'

Sometimes it is less drastic then this, and it is more like your hairstylist misunderstood the meaning of an inch off the bottom, but no matter what leaves you wishing for extra length wear it isn't, there are some things to help with the grow out process.

1.) Regular trims. Believe it or not, though it seems counterintuitive, getting regular trims can not only aid in the way the shape looks as it is growing out, but it also ensures that it is growing out healthy so you are keeping the length you have.

2.) Biotin. Biotin is a vitamin that is part of the B vitamin family. B vitamins are linked with the health of skin, hair and fingernails, so B vitamin supplements target these crucial areas, and they nourish the body from the inside out in order to promote hair optimum hair growth. At the very least, if it does not actually make a difference in the speed of your hair growth, it will make it stronger and healthier.

3.) Get creative. While you are going through the grow out process their are bound to be some stages your hair goes through that you hate, but if you use this as an opportunity to try some things that might not have worked on your long hair you can at least enjoy the process a little more. Ask your stylist for some new ideas on how to style the length your in next time you seem them. There are fun things to do for every length, and this is your chance to try them all.

4.) Extensions. I had a stylist over trim my hair 3 months before my wedding, which put me into a temporary meltdown mode. However, a fabulous set of clip in extensions were an instant problem solver. Sometimes we just don't have time to wait for our hair to grow back (because sometimes we are getting married in 3 months), and extensions are that magic fix that makes the time obstacle disappear. There are many different options for extensions out there, but it really comes down to talking to your stylist about which kind would be right for your needs. My two favorites are clip ins for quick fixes only when you want the extra length, or the ones with the micro beads when you want a more permanent solution. They last for up to 6 months, and you can reuse the same hair when you get them slipped back up. The down fall is they are a pricey investment, so you really have to want them.

Product does matter#

04. March 2013
I had to go get a passport photo taken today, which means of course I want my hair to look nice, whether they are going to make me tuck it away from my face or not. While there, the girl helping me said, "Your hair looks so nice and healthy, what is your secret?" I told her the truth, it is all about the products we use. I feel like whenever you say that to somebody their eyes glass over. Most women are still under the assumption that Pantene is fantastic...salons are just trying to rip them off...shampoo is shampoo..product makes their hair greasy... I know these are the general beliefs. Once upon a dreadful time, I was a dedicated Herbal Essence user, before I knew any better I choose my shampoo based on the scent.

The truth is though, products do matter, and there is a BIG difference in salon quality and drugstore quality stuff. The things you find in the grocery store tend to be watered down, made from cheap ingredients, the conditioners contain ALOT of wax, and the pH is all over the place. Not to mention, everyones hair is different, meaning everyone needs different things, and the best person to write your hairs personal prescription is your HAIRSTYLIST, not your Walmart associate who just walked by.

I want to go all Mythbusters on some popular reasons girls are running to CVS instead of their salon:

1.) Salons are overpriced- While I agree that some brands might be a little too proud of their small bottles of product (8oz of shampoo for 40.00 dollars may be excessive) , there are brands out there that offer quality product for the same prices as your drugstore shampoo. Paul Mitchell's Shampoo 1, which is a great gentle cleanser for most hair types, typically runs about 8.00 a bottle at a salon. At Duane Reade today I saw a bottle of Pantene for 8.99. Yes, there are some higher end bottles of PM from their luxery line that run closer to 20.00 a bottle, but they are for specific needs with your hair, and are actually well worth the money when needed. Also, if still concerned about price, stock up in July and January when most major salon brands have their liter sales. You can get a liter of shampoo and a liter of conditioner for 25-30 dollars. Which per once translates to less then your 7 dollar Dove.

2.) I can buy professional products at the drugstore so what makes them different?- Actually you cannot. The professional lines you see at drugstores are all diverted and counterfeit product. Paul Mitchell ONLY distributes to salons or Paul Mitchell schools, meaning that they WILL NEVER sell to CVS, Walmart, Target etc...When you see that product on the shelves, it is not guaranteed by those companies because it wasn't sold to them by those companies. They got it from someone either counterfeiting it (and some are pretty convincing) or someone diverting it. They will buy old EXPIRED product from salon owners who can no longer sell it, then sell that to the drugstore, who then sells you the expired, bacteria filled product. Now not only will it not work the same, but it COST MORE, due to the fact that it went through up to 4 different parties to get to you. They can be double what you would pay for it in the salon. Wouldn't this be illegal you ask? Why yes it is! There are countless law suits, it is just a very difficult thing to put a stop to. Notice you will never find the newest packaging for the products, or the holiday sales, or even the whole line at these stores. Just some stragglers they were able to get a hold of from goodness knows when.

3.) Shampoo is all the same- This is wildly untrue. Every shampoo has a different pH level. The pH of our hair and skin is 4.5 to 5.5 and that is where our products should stay. Drugstore products are not regulated on this, and will throw all kinds of crazy things in there to give your hair that squeaky clean feeling. The problem is it causes your hair to dry out and ultimately break. Then to cover up how frizzy and dry it has made your hair, they fill their conditioners with a heavy wax, that builds up on your hair and makes your hair feel soft. The problem is the waxes are only covering the problem not actually fixing it. Professional products penetrate into the hair and actually remedy whats going on with quality ingredients.

4.) Product makes my hair greasy and flat- The WRONG product can make your hair feel greasy and flat. An INCORRECTLY used product can make your hair greasy and flat. A correctly chosen and properly used product should only assit in your style. By talking to your HAIRSTYLIST you can find out what is best for your hair for the look you are trying to achieve, and how to use it. Aside from a gentle shampoo, and a phenomenal conditioner, my hair stays healthy because I use the right products. I always use a heat protectant before applying heat, I always use a leave in conditioner with UV protection before going out into the elements, and I always put some kind of moisture back into my hair either with an oil or leave in, or some styling products have it in there. I would absolutely never blow dry or iron my hair with out protection. Your hair is made out of the same protein that your nails are, would you ever put that iron on your fingernails without a barrier?

5.) Salons are just trying to make more money- While it is true that some stylist get 10% commission on their product sales, it is not the driving force behind their recommendations. You tell them you want to recreate the style they gave you at home, and they are simply telling you what tools they used to do it. They couldn't have gotten your hair to look that good without product, so why do you think you can? They honestly want you to have the best hair you can have because it makes them look good when you look good. I worked in a salon for years, and that 10% was never the first thing on my mind when teling a client what would work best for them. We don't make our money on product, we make our money on your services.

6.) I just don't know any better- Now you do!

Favorite Wedding Hair Trend#

27. February 2013
I am pretty ecstatic about the fact that braids are still blowing up the wedding scene. I believe this summer they are going to be the number one request, and I couldn't be happier about it. The bigger this trend gets, the more variations we are seeing hit the internet. I LOVE Pinterest for scouting out new ways to incorporate them into a style. I honestly feel that there is a braid out there to suit any girls wedding hair needs. I especially find them helpful for destination weddings that are in a humid atmosphere, the humidity can't really harm them.

Here are some pictures that are inspiring me right now-

Then I had to try to do a few on myself-

Tuesday Tutorial#

26. February 2013
I decided that every girl needs to know how to achieve that awesome blowout that Jennifer Anniston was rocking at the Oscars. It is a staple in our hair wardrobe, and we shouldn't have to pay 40+ dollars to a salon every time we want to sport it. This one is all thanks to my mother being sucked into QVC enough to buy me the InStyler because I would NEVER have picked this up on my own. I had the pride of a professional, which went up in flames when I discovered how great this thing is. I definitely recommend it to any girl who has difficulty styling her own hair, it is super user friendly, just remember to take your time and be patient with each section.

My thoughts on this years Red Carpet Hair#

25. February 2013
Like many other people I am sure, I use these big award shows as a tool in seeing what is up and coming in the hair world. Especially with doing so many up-styles for weddings, I like to be inspired by some of the elegant hair that you see walk the red carpet. This year I feel like I was a little let down by the lack of variety. Don't get me wrong, I think these Hollywood Glamour type waves are absolutely gorgeous, I was just surprised by the continuity.

Whether they lack originality or not, this is obviously one of the looks for the year.

Besides the plethora of side parted curls, these are some other things I liked-

I think that Jennifer Lawrence fell down those stairs in style with this hair. She looks exquisite, this is a more polished look then we are used to seeing on her, and I love it. Between this and Amy Adams style, I feel like we are going to start seeing maybe a little more refined hair this season. I'm not completely ruling out texture and a slightly more lived in look either, I think Amanda Seyfried's hair confirms that that is also still going strong. She had one of my favorites for the night. I was not surprised that Jennifer Aniston kept her signature look. I guess at the end of the day you can't beat a beautiful blow out.

Now if only someone could explain why K. Stewart went out with her hair like this?

Photos posted from:
Jennifer Lawrence
Reese Witherspoon
Jennifer Anniston
Jessica Chastain
Zoe Saldana
Amy Adams
Cathrine Zeta Jones
Naomi Harris
Amanda Seyfried
Kristen Stewart

TGIF!!..Ideas for tonight!#

22. February 2013
I was trying to brainstorm something for this week that would work for long or SHORT hair, and I feel like you could adjust where needed to make this work on shorter hair.

I am particularly fond of any style that has a large amount of teasing in it because
(a) I'm from the South!!!
(b) It helps dirty hair look fresh!

I did this look with some old loose curls I had in my hair, but I think it looks good on pretty much any texture you have going on. This one took about 15 minutes, but the small fishtail braids were about half of that.

Winter Hair 911#

21. February 2013
Yesterday I was onset all day for Law and Order SVU, which was amazing because I love that show, but extremely awful on my hair because it was a whole day of exterior scenes in 15 degree weather. When I got home, my hair was windblown, dry, and slightly dreaded underneath from all the layers and scarves. Oh, and filled with some pretty extreme static.

Thank goodness there is a cure! The deep conditioner I thought only existed in my dreams for so many years! Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment.

I am absolutely in love with it! I have never felt such lasting results from a deep conditioner before. The keratin that this puts in your hair actually stays in permanently, and over continued use can completely rebuild your hair. Since using this I FINALLY have hair that is LONG and BLONDE, which never happened before. Being blonde can be a lot for your hair to go through, but with this I feel like mine doesn't notice anymore. I was hooked the first time I used it because my hair honestly was noticeably shinier. I found that they actually have information on the science of how it works on their site, it explains it better then I could begin to at . I just know that it works and I see impressive results.

Besides the proteins it rebuilds your hair with, it is also fully equipped with moisture derived from the Awapuhi plant. I got to see and feel the goo (for lack of a better term) that comes out of this exotic looking plant once, and I feel like it is best compared to an Aloe plant. Paul Mitchell has a whole line of products that uses the moisture from this plant. That moisture is what I needed this morning.

Tips for using a deep conditioner (whichever is your personal favorite)-
~Use a clarifying shampoo first, it will open up the cuticle to better receive the conditioner. (personal favorite is Paul MItchell Shampoo 3)
~ Hair is like a sponge, meaning it can only absorb so much before it is full, so when I apply a thick deep conditioner like this I like to towel dry after I shampoo it before I put it on.
~ Make sure you leave it on at least a good ten minutes before rinsing. I usually find this a great time to shave my legs :)
~ Heat helps the product penetrate the hair, try making the shower hot so that it gets warm, and use a plastic shower cap to help incubate all the heat from your head.
~When I really want the best results I will put a plastic cap on, get out of the shower, and put the blow dryer on it for the ten minutes.

Growing out your bangs#

20. February 2013
So, I have this little obsession with Taylor Swift..well a quite large obsession with Taylor Swift. It causes me to to maybe slightly try to emulate her style sometimes. Up until recently there has been no harm in this, however about a month ago I decided that if I truly wanted to look like Taylor I was going to have to start rocking the straight across fringe.

This is how that went-

This was fun for about a week, then I remembered that I actually hate these bangs on me, and sadly realized I was going to pay for this rash decision for a good couple months. I have finally reached the point where they comfortably lay to the side, but its not exactly a cute side bang. This has been good for me though, I think. I have been reminded why I should not keep my scissors so accessible in the bathroom, and why you shouldn't be in a hurry to let your obsessions affect your hair.

All that being said, I am now working through it, and will continue to make this work till they are officially gone.

Tips for making the PAINFUL process of growing out bangs a little more bearable-
~ Never underestimate the power of a braid. I adore being able to french braid these things back, and basically making it seem as if they don't exist.
~ I don't leave the house without bobby pins, you never know when you will want to just pin them back.
~ Make sure you keep getting them shaped as they grow through the different stages, most salons do free bang trims if you are a client there.

Tuesday Tutorial#

19. February 2013
I feel like I use these big waves as a base for a lot of the styles I do, so was thinking it would probably be good to make sure everyone can do them. I really want to encourage that you try using a little product in your hair before starting, it really changes the outcome of the curls, and the longevity of your style. A good blend of products will help fight frizz and humidity, as well as offer a little bit more hold then most girls hair has naturally. I feel like the thing I hear most is that girls don't like the way it feels in their hair, to which I would say they are probably using too much, or a product that wasn't meant for your hair type. Talk to your stylist to see what she would recommend for your hair, and for the style you are trying to achieve.

For my hair I used- Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Damage Repair Spray, Paul Mitchell Hydromist Blow-out Spray, and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum all while my hair was damp. I finished my hair with the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Styling Treatment Oil, and The Hold Me Tight hairspray. I obviously am a little in love with Paul Mitchell.

TGIF!!...Need ideas for your hair tonight?#

15. February 2013
Yay! The weekend is here! Time to let loose and have fun for two straight days.

I always think the one oxymoron of the weekend is that it is the time that I most definitely want to look fabulous when going out and seeing people, but at the same time it is the weekend and the last thing I want to do is spend an hour in the bathroom getting perfect like any other work day. However, "efficiency is intelligent laziness," what this says to me is create hairstyles that do not take long, but look great.

So here is this weekends creation in steps. I curled my hair yesterday, so this took about 10 minutes.

Some tips:
-Use small clear elastics, they are easier to blend or hide.
-Use bobby pins that closely match your hair, also easier if you are not good at hiding them.
-If you cannot rope braid, a regular braid, or a fishtail would also look awesome!
-I have recently discovered that spinpins are amazing for anything where you are somewhat bunning your hair.

The secret to shiny, healthy hair...#

14. February 2013
The first thing I discovered upon moving to freezing NYC from hot, humid Florida was how DRY everything was in the winter! My first introduction to the cold season here I officially discovered what being "ashy" meant, and I am now all too familiar with the way your clothes start to feel like steel wool on your skin. Worse, however, then all the skin problems, was my hair! I tried every magic moisturizing product out there, I was drenching my hair in every oil I could find, and I am pretty sure I hit the limit on deep conditioner treatments for the month. Nothing was working, and beyond that my scalp was so itchy and dry I just wanted to drown it in the same thick goopy lotion I was putting on my skin.

Thankfully, while a few of us were standing around at the salon one day, the conversation of hair washing got brought up. Someone pointed out that mine always seemed freshly washed, to which I replied "yes of course, that is because I wash it everyday." The shocked look on all the faces was enough to tell me I was doing something stupid. So I asked how often they all washed their hair, and the answers I got were amazing to me. They started bragging about the amount of days they had gotten to before doing it. I heard every 3, 4, 5, and 7 days! This whole concept was completely foreign to me, in the normal 100 degree weather of Florida, getting 2 days would be phenomenal. Everyone is always just SO hot and sweaty. Here in NYC though, washing everyday was taking its toll on my hair.

So it was time for me to try it. I was rightfully warned that the first couple weeks would be harder, my hair was used to being in oil production overtime because of me constantly washing it. It would take some time for it to start to understand I wasn't going to strip out every last bit of hydration anymore. I stuck with it though, first doing every other day for a couple weeks, then moving to three and four days. I am in awe of the change my hair has made from this, it is shinier and healthier, I feel like I have to trim it less, and my scalp is never dry anymore. It doesn't even feel or appear dirty on the third day anymore. Besides the advantages of my hairs health, the time I got back in my mornings was enough to keep me going with it! No more blowdrying for 30 minutes every day then curling or straightening or whatever I would do afterwards. Anything that adds sleep to my life is a good thing. :)

I have been on a regular 'every three day' schedule for about two years now, and there are some tricks I have learned to help stretch it out and still keep your hair looking good.

Curls! If I curl my hair in fairly tight wand curls the first day, that texture is still there 2 days later. The curls keep your hair from getting that stuck to your head look, keeps the roots lifted.
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Braids. Braids are great for the third day when you just want to get it out of your way. I love braids to the side, or just braiding your bangs back. Posted from 

A loose, messy ponytail. Just make sure you don't make it too tight and perfect, and always wrap the elastic with your hair so it looks styled, and not lazy. Posted from

My go-to now that I have bangs is to just wash my bangs and pull the rest back off my face a little. Bangs always end up looking the dirtiest, and its not good to have dirty hair on your face, so by just washing them, we can create the illusion that all of our hair is clean. Posted from

If all else fails, go for the accessories. Hair teased with a little hairspray and a headband can do wonders! Posted from 

There is also a lot of different dry shampoos and such out there, but I will probably do a separate blog about those sometime.

As much as I am endorcing embracing hair that isn't perfectly clean every day, I DO NOT EVER recommend letting it get out of hand.

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Ombre...Still a thing?#

13. February 2013
Can we talk about ombre?
I'm always excited for a new trend, and when this started last year with all the bolder versions, I was as hyped about it as anyone. That being said, today when I was out and about, I realized that it is making a pleasant turn towards a more subtle, blended, dark to light appearance. I feel like this nice change makes the style wearable for a broader range of women. It has such a worn in carefree look to it, but it isn't necessarily loud and attention grabbing, which wouldn't be exactly office friendly. The best part about it is with those darker roots and such a gradual fade, you get a much longer time between coloring. With this trend, gone are the days of embarrassing regrowth in only 4 weeks, now regrowth only adds to the authenticity of our ombre. :)

I am pretty sure I saw a metamorphosis of the ombre trend today and thought I would share the Good, the Bad, and the UGLY. I'm not positive the ugly one was purposely "ombre" persay, but I'm not sure where they were going with it so this was my best guess...

Tuesday Tutorial#

12. February 2013
I was inspired by the messy fishtails I saw on set yesterday so here ya go!

Me on Monday#

11. February 2013
So had a great start to the week today as an extra for Blue Bloods. Gave me an opportunity to watch ALOT of background actors get their hair done. We were portraying raving hipsters...I didn't know hipsters raved either, but hey you learn something new everyday! I would say 50% of the hair was just straight up grunge with a large floppy hat, and the other half other rocked some super cute Kate Moss-ish straight bangs, or an extremely messy falling out side braid. Moral of the story, the disheveled, undone hair is still alive and kicking, and I am still a fan. Anything that doesn't require 2 hours in the mirror with a blow dryer and some sort of hot tool is always music to my ears. However, just because it looks undone, does not mean it wasn't done. It still takes a little bit of effort to pull it off without looking sloppy. Example: If you want to do a messy falling out braid, sometimes it's best the day after a blow out when your hair already has been smoothed, and probably already has some sort of anti frizz product. A little texture or fall out is cute, a fuzz ball is not. Example 2: when you want to wear that piecey natural texture with a little bit of wave to it, instead of just letting it dry as it may, spritz a little sea salt spray, and once it is dry, adding just a couple of wand curls can really tie the look together. Remember, accessories such as hats and headbands can not only add a little personality to your style, they can also be great distractions on a day when your trying to squeeze in one more wear before shampooing. My favorite thing about this trend...Everything looks better the second and third day!

And it begins!#

05. February 2013
After living and working in NYC for the past 2 years I have seen A LOT of hair, and the bottom line is unless you go to hair school, it is not easy to figure out how to style your own tresses. Clients always say how great their hair looks when they leave the salon, but can never get it to look so good again at home. Honestly, it is something I myself used to say before I got into the industry. I used to be under the impression that using an iron to get it pin straight was all there was, better hair then that was celeb status only.

This inspired me, and I am on a mission. I want to help people easily have fabulous hair on their own everyday. After all, your hair is your number 1 accessory. It is what people notice about you, what they remember, what they use to describe you first. A girl with perfect polished hair will always look more confident then the girl with an undone softball bun, and as everyone in this city knows, confidence is key.

On my blog you will find weekly tutorials on popular styles, advice for your everyday hair problems, reviews on tools, and my take on some of the latest hair trends. am so excited to finally be starting my blog! This is something I have considered for quite some time, and am finally going to run with. I am one of those girl's who will youtube absolutely everything, and my absolute favorite thing to watch is make up tutorials. I have learned almost everything I know from some really amazing make up bloggers that have been kind enough to share their knowledge with the interwebs. This being said I have come to find that there are not nearly as many amazing hair bloggers as make up, and I just feel like it is time there was an equally informative hair helper. I am a licensed hair stylist in New York City, and though I personally have a lot of fun styling my own hair, as a behind the chair stylist in the city, I found that most girls do not find it an easy feat every day. I want to help with that, my goal here is to create tutorial videos, articles containing helpful hints with your biggest tres issues, and tool/product reviews from a professional. So starting next week, I am waging war on the dirty ponytail, and making beautiful hair one click away.
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